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FTA 2005 S.L. starts due to the need to implement new insulating techniques in a specialized way to give an efficient lasting answer to the problem of preservation of facades in new and old buildings, preserving the aesthetic factor as much as their functionality, so that they fulfill the objective for which they were designed, to embellish them, protect them and give them a unique feature that typifies each building, even with the passing of time.


At FTA we specialize in thermal insulation for exterior,  crack repair and restoration of facades for which we lead a team of highly qualified professionals with over 10 years’ experience in the field of façade treatment and insulation techniques.

Efficient insulation is banking on the future for ecological reasons as much as for economical ones. We are all aware of the fact that in present-day times, climate change and shortage of resources lead us into seeking new solutions in the field of building so as to protect the environment. That is why thermal insulation and proper sanitation become more important as they provide an active protection against climate agents, preventing the deterioration that is caused bu the passing of years and providing an energy saving when keeping the temperature of the rooms.

FTA’s commitment is to find a comprehensive and efficacious solution for each customer, adapting to their needs and providing a lasting result.

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