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Facade external insulation


Good facade insulation can contribute to reduction of operational costs and energy consumption to warming or cooling rooms. Good facade external insulation systems offer a number of advantages when compared with traditional systems.

  • Thermal bridges are avoided, as the insulation wraps both, walls and structures.
  • It saves physical space, as insulation is external and it does not occupy any habitable surface.
  • During refurbishing works, the often feared in-house works, are avoided.
  • Energy saving in winter and summer due to weather influence being neutralized.

Efficient insulation can be applied to old historic buildings, keeping the style that makes them unique and unrepeatable as much as modern buildings giving their style the latest technical requirements in preservation and insulation, using always first-quality materials which fulfill all the requisites for which they were designed.


Insulation of walls StoTherm Classic

Descripton of StoTherm Classic:
1.Adhesive fixing mortar StoBaukleber: Mineral adhesive mortar.
2.Sto Polyestierene insulating panel.  Expanding polyestierene rigid foam thermo-insulating panel. Free of HC (F) almost non-flammable , non shrinking.
3. Sto Armat Classic mesh. Mesh mortar with organic binders, cement-free and ready for use.
4. Stolit finishing layer. Finishing plastering with inorganic binding and ready for use.

Different structures and grain sizes. Over 800 colours to choose from.

Download StoTherm Classic catalogue

Worldwide safe insulation stothermclassic.pdf (671 KB)

Façade insulation StoTherm Vario

Description  of StoTherm Vario System
1. StoLevell Uni fitting
Adhesive mortar and inorganic binding assemblage.

2. Sto Insulating Panel
Expanding polyestierene rigid foam thermo insulating panel. Free of HC (F) almost non-flammable , non shrinking.

3.StoLevell Uni assemblage
Adhesive mortar and inorganic binding assemblage.

4. StoPrep Miral Intermediate layer
Inorganic binding, pigmented, filled intermediate layer.

5. StoPrep Miral finishing layer
Façade plastering with inorganic binding.

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