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Ventilated facade


The advantage of the ventilated façade is that it allows for the appropriate setting of different materials like stone, glass and decorating elements onto panels suitable for plastering.

The ventilated façade is made of panels independent from the holding wall, held by means of a carrying structure, so as to create a ventilated chamber which contributes to reducing the negative factors of the external agents, preventing overheating in the summer, easing the perspiration of the façade, preventing condensation.

Ventilated Facade StoVentec

Improved modular principle

1. Substructure:
Wooden substructure or aluminium flanges to affix the carrying plates of the plastering. It is cladded to the substratum by means of studs which are common in the building trade.

2. Insulation:
Sto VHF. Rock wool plate. Rock wool thermal insulating plates. Kind of application W, non flammable. Variable thickness: according to the needs of thermal insulation.

3. Plastering carrying plate.
Carrying plate StoVentec. Carrying plate for recycled glass plastering (granulate blown glass), reinforced with a mesh on both sides, 12 mm thick, shape 1,20 x 0,80 and 1,20 x 2,40; reduce weight: aprox. 6kg/m2, near non flammable B1 according to DIN 4102, frost-resistant.

4. Mortar mesh:
Mesh plastering. Sto organic mortar for mesh, ready to use. Easily expandable, crack- proof, highly resistant to mechanical impact.

Fiber glass mesh. Sto alkali-resistant non-slip mesh with an optimal impact absorption.
The option: Screen mesh Sto AES Mesh as a protection against electrosmog. Shielding over 99% of high-frequency magnetic radiation. Lower frequency fields buffering.

6.Render finishing.
Stolit (organic render) or StoSilco (silicone-resin render) Cement-free plastering ready to use.
High resistance to weathering, slight tendency to dirt, high elasticity, capable of taking mechanical impact. A protective film for better resistance against microorganisms also features.
The option: Ceramics, glass mosaic, natural stone. Frost-resistant and adhesive “in situ”, it provides a wide range of creation options.

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